Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Burrito Bento

Burrito Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Chicken-rice-bean burrito on lettuce with Okinawan sweet potato bamboo leaf cutouts and satsumaimo flowers. Tomatoes, peapods, broccoflower, broccoli, purple cauliflower, and purple-yellow carrot skewer. Fruit side has green plum, strawberries, and (not olives but) red grapes.


  1. Your bento's are so colorful and cute! I am so impressed your little ones will eat their veggies ... our 22-month old son is a very picky eater and though we always put veggies on his plate he'll take a "lick" and then turn away. Can't wait until he's old enough for me to start using the "picks" and "skewers" ... so cute!

  2. Thanks Jaime!
    This (and the other "bigger" bento) are for my 6yo -- and he is a much better eater than my 2-yo. She will only eat one or two veggie pieces per meal, and it's true the picks do help :)