Friday, September 25, 2009

Pad Thai Garden Bento

Pad Thai Garden Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Homemade vegetarian pad thai, which the kids LOVE! I made a huge batch so you may see this lunch again in a slightly different form. Top shallow tier is lined with lettuce and filled with pad thai, with broccoflower, purple and yellow carrot skewers, and tomato flowers with peapod and yellow carrot detail. Lower tier has strawberry, tangerine, Dapple Dandy baby plum, green plum, raspberries, and satsumaimo elephant.

Did you notice my brand-new stainless steel two-tier bento?! I found it at the Autumn Moon Festival in San Francisco and it's so neat and cool I can barely stand it. The shallow top tier fits snugly into the top lip of the bottom. The tight-fitting lid even has handles you can lift up for carrying and press flat for packing ~ isn't it cute? ;)


  1. I do love that box! I've been looking for a terrific, tight seal round box for a while. That one looks awesome - great find.

  2. Fabulous! Pretty flowers and it's a vegetarian bento! Yay.

  3. Pigs Do Fly... me too! I am always on the lookout for my favorite kinds of bento boxes, and it's cool to make a great score :)

    Hi hapa bento ~ thanks! I like to go vegetarian once in awhile :)

  4. Oh man-- I haven't been able to make bentos in a long time - I live too close too home and can just go home to grab something to eat for lunch. Buut... your blog makes me want to start making bentos again, so maybe I'll make an exception!

  5. Hi pineapplebread! Lucky you... but sometimes it's fun to prepare a nice bento as a treat...I hope you can make one soon (and share!)