Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mini Pizza Bento!

I have a kind of obsession with miniatures, and you may see a few mini bento when the mood strikes me, and when I have extra time to *waste*. I like to use only edible stuff, since they usually are part of an actual snack bento for my toddler girl, TinySprite. This bento features a mini pizza, made from a whole wheat tortilla and spread with real tomato-basil sauce. The toppings are chopped green peppers, mushrooms, real pepperoni rounds, and shredded cheddar cheese. It is "raw", as I didn't actually bake it :) The rest of the bento includes champagne grapes, yellow pear tomato, pasta spirals, broccoflower, peach wedges, blackberry, strawberries, and spinach leaf. She really did eat it all, even the spinach leaf.  :)               
And a close-up view of the pizza :)


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