Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Double Slider Field Trip Bento

It's field trip time! And you know what that means: the bento will be eaten off campus so it must be completely disposable. I asked TinySprite what she wanted to take and she said "Chili!"Well, that would be a little difficult to pack disposably. And it wouldn't be warm. "Burgers?" Burgers it is! I made her two tiny sliders inside mulitgrain mini-sandwich thins. There are romaine lettuce leaves, thin sliced red onion, and thin sliced cucumber in there too. I packed a mozzarella cheese stick as well, since it's probably her favorite snack food ever. Filling out the recycled strawberry basket container: carrots, satsuma mandarin, grape tomato, and a little cup holding a dried prune, dried Bing cherry, and dried Mission fig. Man, I can't wait until we can have these fruits in fresh form!

Have fun at the museum, TinySprite!