Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Salmon Lettuce Wrap Bento

Today's bento is another quick and easy one: pan-fried butter shoyu salmon in a romaine lettuce leaf. I added some roasted baby potatoes, fresh baby carrots, broccoli, and pickled daikon. I've recently started using lettuce wraps for meals, as you can see below in a dinner I made (in an ECOlunchtray) last week. I put Korean chicken, rice, cucumbers and green onions inside the lettuce and the kids loved it. I'm going to try lettuce-wrapping other foods too: I'm thinking hot dogs and hamburgers...

I added a side box (ECOlunchboxes Dipper) containing satsuma mandarins and string cheese. I sent along furikake in the monkey shaker, to add to the salmon at lunchtime.

Added to What's For Lunch.


  1. Lettuce wraps are great finger food if it comes to a fast snack.

    1. So true! I plan to repeat this idea again for sure :)

  2. love that you can eat the lettuce wrap too!

  3. You inspired my latest bento Sheri! :)