Thursday, January 15, 2015

Curry with Rice Puppy Bento

It's been cool here in the Bay Area, and it's time for some warm thermal bento. I made curry loaded with vegetables, which will be ideal to nourish the kiddos midway through their hectic day. TinySprite still uses this Hello Kitty Thermal Food Jar, and if I add a side box with a selection of fruit - here, grape tomatoes, kiwi, and a tiny satsuma mandarin - it's just the right amount of food for her.

I would put the rice puppy inside the thermos, but I'm sure he would fall apart and disappear before lunchtime, so I packed him separately for her to add at her discretion. I hope she likes this one. Woof! 


  1. Sooooo adorable! Your kids are very lucky to have mum like you :)

    I need to start packing more creative lunchboxes again... Only yesterday (year after we moved) I have found my nori punch so no more excuses, I can start making cute faces again.

    1. Thank you! I'll be glad to see your bento again too, Margot!