Thursday, August 16, 2012

Twin Bunnies Bean Burger Bento

Today's bento is one for my wheat-free daughter. I made black bean burgers using the basic recipe I used here, but substituting garbanzo beans with black beans. I also used black rice to keep the color scheme. She's used to eating burgers "protein-style" (wrapped in lettuce leaves instead of on a bun), so I could've served it that way in her bento with no problem. You could layer a slice of homegrown tomato and grilled onions on top as well, but I chose to pack a double patty in here instead, in lettuce, alongside a silicone cup of homemade peach salsa. Peach salsa: have you had this? I've never tried making a salsa with peach and was dubious, but it is delicious. I diced some ripe peaches, tomatoes, sweet peppers and tossed with sweet corn. Refreshing, and it just screams "Summer!" I topped the burgers with cheese bunnies with nori faces, and the other side of the LunchBot Duo contains grapes, pluots and baby sweet strawberries. ^_^


  1. Oh my... I've never had peach salsa. This has to be remedied immediately! This bento looks fabulous!

  2. Seconding Heather's comments! Peach salsa makes me think of summer sun offered as a gentle sweet condiment :)

    1. That's exactly what made me want to try it, Jenn. Thanks!

  3. Super cute! I love the happy bunnies :D