Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finger Food Skewers Bento

Didn't feel like cooking anything, and didn't feel like making a bento. Hmmm. Good thing TinySprite is satisfied with finger foods on skewers, like most kindergartners. I've stabbed all kinds of stuff, but chicken spinach sausages are ideal. These are nitrite/nitrate-free, and not spicy, so they're perfect for her. I alternated with mozzarella cubes, sweet red pepper chunks, and homegrown yellow pear tomatoes. Toss an assortment of berries into another section, and an assortment of colorful odds and ends of veggies into another, and I am done. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate these divided boxes? Besides the Lunchbot Quad, I also have this tight-sealing one that I got from Ichiban Kan ages and ages ago (when MisterMan was an infant!), and I still use it to this day. The foods in the separate portions stay separate no matter how you throw it around, and the lid will not come off until you take it off. It has a low profile and will slide into any lunchbag you've got, and I just love it. It's not cute, but it does the job. ^_^


  1. Looks great Sheri, but I would love to know where you get the long picks from?
    I have searched a bit, but can only find the smaller ones (and we have plenty of those!).
    Fiona in Switzerland

    1. I found mine at Ichiban Kan in my local Japantown. Maybe check kitchen sources or in the cocktails section?

  2. So cute and vibrant, love the mosaic effect of the mini skewers! Happy long Labor Day weekend, Sheri!