Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School Bento

First Day of School Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
The first day of school! MisterMan started 2nd grade today, and to commemorate the day, he's bringing an "apple" to school. Okay, it's not really an apple; it's a radish with sesame seed and edamame detail. It sits atop a 4-bean spinach salad in a silicon cup. There are flower-carved carrots on the side. Sliced roast chicken in a lettuce leaf fill the next section, and the fruit selection includes grapes, cherries and a strawberry. A simple bento that contains his favorite foods is sure to give him energy to get through a full school day. And a bonus: this bento qualifies for the B.O.M.B back to school theme at Hapa Bento. Don't forget to enter! Have you started school yet? If you're still enjoying summer, lucky you!

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  1. I always love your round bento boxes creations! They all look so nicely pack and so colourful!

  2. Oh How Cute. I'd be willing to go back to school if I had a bento like this one. Do you do something special to keep the sesame seeds stuck to the "apple" while your child carried it to school?

  3. Aw, 2nd grade already. Gulp! Love that mini radish apple, so adorable! I was just in NYC recently and totally lucked out finding new bento boxes. I know, wtf?! lol. This one is awesomely goodness and love the 3part round box. I think I missed back to school meeting or did I? I'm so lost. lol.

  4. Thanks KidsDreamWork! I love this box. Especially when I'm not inclined to put too much effort, it's like the food automatically looks beautiful in it.

    Thanks dosankodebbie! Nope, didn't glue them on this time. Usually I can use oil or honey, or just press them in (like in sweet potato or egg), but with radish it's hard. He said they stuck on, but I bet he didn't even notice, heh.

    Hey Chantale! 2nd grade! He's like a professional student now, yikes. You've been keeping your bento scores from us? You know we are dying to see! Can't wait! Don't think about school until the day before. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

  5. I love this bento! And I recognize the fork/knife/spoon combo I just purchased today! So cute!

  6. How's mister man's first day back to school? Hope he enjoyed meeting up with friends after the long break. The bento looks yummy n definitely healthy! Hope u'll win the BOMB!

  7. Aw, thanks slushygirl! Yes, good eye! This is a gift from a fellow bentomaker, who knew I would get a kick out of such a cool utensil! It's awesome :)

    Thanks Xelia! He had a great day. His first words: "Guess what? No homework the first week!"

  8. That's so funny sheri! No homework the first week! Do you even have much homework in second grade?! Lol. The radish apple is adorable. Greta idea for the BOMB Contest. Talk to you soon!

  9. Such an amazing idea with the apple, I love it!

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  11. Thanks Sonoma Bento! Yeah, next week they're supposed to have "tons" of homework; we'll see what that actually means. Fun talking to you! Thanks a lot!!

    Thanks a lot gnoegnoe!!

    Thanks Vincent!

  12. Same with my boy ... Time went so quickly, I still remember dropping him to his Kindergarten class. It was just yesterday, oh my! And talking about me aging here bwahahaha :D A great back to schol bento! Very neat details for radish apple (^.^)

  13. Hi Lia,
    Thanks! Funny, but kids grow up while we stay the same age forever, hehe!

  14. Looks amazing and the "apple" is so perfectly cute!

  15. A healthy charmer--the "apple" is just squeal-worthy and perfect! As always, enchanted by the uplifting and wonderful spirit of your bentos :D!

  16. What a cute radish apple! :) Love it. I see also that you have spork, I have couple of them as well, one always in my bag in case I get hungry ;)

  17. that looks good! I'd like to order one of those bentos, please. haha :)

  18. hey sheri, i've missed you and your bentos! trying to ease myself back into a routine, and this back-to-school bento is getting me in the spirit! (congrats to misterman, btw, for his new grade!)

    obviously i LOVE the little radish apple, such a cute touch. hope misterman enjoyed his first day back as much as he must have enjoyed this yummy roast chicken lunch!

  19. Thanks a lot Mommyof2girlz, bentobird, Margot, Mrs. P, and megan!!
    Margot, what a great idea to keep a spork in your bag for emergencies! This one is my first. It was a gift from megan (so sweeeet!)!
    Mrs. P: coming right up :)
    So nice to "see" you megan! Life happens, and I am happy to see you when it brings you this way. Always appreciate your thoughtful and kind comments. Thinking of you and glad to hear you're doing well!