Monday, August 23, 2010

Radio Bento: Interview on KSRO Today

Hi bento friends!

edited to add: Sonoma Bento has uploaded the interview at her site HERE if you'd like to listen. Thanks Michelle!

Or click the links below to listen:
KSRO Interview Part 1
KSRO Interview Part 2

Just a quick update to let you know that this afternoon I'll be talking about bento on KSRO radio, a local Sonoma County station. Sonoma Bento will be interviewing me!

It will air today (Monday August 23, 2010) on KSRO 1350am at 5:30pm Pacific time if you're in the area, or you can listen on the web at Just click on the "Listen Live" link.

Happy Bento Monday!!


  1. SO COOL! congrats, you bento superstar! i will try to tune in (via web) from the east coast :-)

  2. Thanks for talking with me, Sheri! How fun to spread the bento gospel. ;)

  3. oh awesome!! how cool you get to "talk" to someone who's a virtual friend!

  4. that's cool, i'm sure u'll be great!

  5. Cool! I listened to it from live streaming but I missed the beginning, still an awesome interview and glad can hear your voice and SB's voice (^.^)

  6. Thanks ladies!!
    It was great to talk with a virtual friend, especially one just up the bay and a fellow bento enthusiast.
    I had a great time!

  7. I miss this...:-(
    please post the interview in your blog or SB's if possible...:-D

  8. Awesome Sheri!!! You are a star! :)

  9. Thanks Yenny and Susan! It's posted at SonomaBento's blog now!