Friday, March 6, 2020

Toast Of The Day: Mushroom Swiss!

Okay, okay, it's not really toast. But it's an open faced bagelwich so that's what counts here. 
I absolutely loved the confluence of flavors here.

First I melted the swiss onto the bagel half, then lay some dandelion greens atop. After frying the mushrooms on the stovetop until crispy-ish, I piled them on, followed by pickled cabbage and radish sprouts, two ingredients which added tang.

The only issue I had was the toppings falling off such that maybe next time I might consider putting the swiss on top to act as a glue of sorts. But if I did that I would sacrifice the pleasing aesthetics of the overall structure, which really comprises a large part of the appeal of this toast series for me. Also, it might have benefited from something lightly sweet. Maybe.

Besides that, this was a definite winner of a "toast."



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