Thursday, September 5, 2013

Salmon, Potatoes and Asparagus LunchBots Bento

I haven't used the LunchBots Clicks in awhile, and I really should because I love them. Not only are they stainless steel, but they come with leak-proof translucent lids. You can see what's inside and there's no chance of anything dripping out. How awsome is that? And they are the perfect size for the kids' lunch bento. Here I've packed TinySprite's omega-3-rich salmon furikake in one box, alongside some roasted baby potatoes sprinkled with garlic powder and pencil asparagus. The other (slightly shallower) box contains sliced peaches, pickled cucumbers and pickled red onions. I think this bento is just about the right amount for my chatty girl. She can manage to get everything eaten and still have time to run around outside with her little pals before settling down for the afternoon session of 1st grade. Did your kids settle back into the routine without problems? I think my girl is having a bit of trouble remembering what it means to sit still and be *quiet* during class time >.<


  1. I have followed your blog for a long time and admire your bentos. I would like to try to pickle some of the vegetables. I have never tried that. What is the easiest vegetable to star with and how long do you leave them in for? What do you use to pickle? I would appreciate any tips on that, thank you.

    1. Hi Marlena,
      You can pickle just about whatever vegetable you like. Even vegetables you don't like taste better pickled (I've done bittermelon that way!). Cucumbers are very easy; I use the mini cocktail ones because they are narrower and have fewer seeds. I peel off the skin in stripes for visual appeal, and slice to whatever width you like. I make 1/4 inch slices but some people like shaving them in paperthin slices, which also looks good. I like to use rice vinegar, and I add a little salt and sugar to taste. Maybe to each 2/3 cup vinegar, 1T sugar and pinch salt. As you may have seen, I also pickle julienned carrts and daikon ALL the time as well. Feel free to experiment. You can try red wine vinegar too, which I use for red onion. I think I might write a pickling post, now that I think of it.
      Thanks so much for your interest! I hope this helps :D

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    1. Oh you should, cquek. They are super practical and I love them!!