Monday, September 30, 2013

Herby Chicken LunchBot Bento

When I need an easy standby, and we already had shoyu chicken, this one usually fills the bill. TinySprite especially loves this chicken. It's broiled with olive oil and a toss of Provencal herbs, and mixed in the pan with halved baby potatoes. It's a one dish meal, and there's always extra for bento. I steam some broccoli alongside so the kids can wipe the plates with it. There's also steamed corn off the cob, the usual pickled cucumbers, cubed nectarines and grapes. All packed in the LunchBot Trio. Happy Monday!


  1. Hi - so inspired by your site. I also have a fourth grader and he loves the bentos. Quick question - are you serving all these items room temperature?

    1. Yes, all the bento I make are served at room temp. Exception is when I pack food in a thermal food jar: I heat the food and pack it hot, and at lunchtime it's still hot ( chili, soup, Mac and cheese, stew). Hope this helps! And thanks, Cecelia!