Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beet Kohlrabi Latkes Bento

Kohlrabi: never heard of it? Me neither, but I saw other people buying it at the market so I thought, why not? Latkes I've never made either, but it seemed pretty straightforward. The recipe called for coarsely grated kohlrabi, beet, and onion mixed with a beaten egg and 2 tablespoons of flour, to be formed into round shapes and fried 4-6 minutes on each side. I added grated zucchini and some cheese, because that's how I roll. I had to squeeze quite a bit of liquid from the ingredients before forming the patties, which ended up holding together very loosely. I'm not sure if that's the way regular potato latkes look or not. I was kind of expecting a more "burger-y" type of patty, similar to the beet patties I made here. The recipe also recommended serving with a horseradish sauce, which sounds great, but I had mine with chimichurri (this stuff is very versatile!). I sprinkled some green onion on TinySprite's two patties, which I packed into the divided container along with a homegrown mesclun microgreens salad topped with shaved iberico and yellow tomatoes, some marinated mini peppers, and a selection of white peach, blueberries and a super ripe dark orange apricot.

Seeing as tomorrow is the last day of school, I made shoyu hot dogs (by request) for the kids to share at their snack party. Can't believe the year is all over and we have the long hot summer ahead of us at last! I don't know who is more excited: me or them! Counting down the hours starting now...
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  1. Ooh, this looks really yummy! I like the apricot face.. he looks kinda like Appanman!

  2. Yum! I love kohlrabi and this looks incredible! :D

  3. I've never had kohlrabi either but my aunt has been bugging me to try it. What's the flavor like by itself? I dearly love the color that comes from the beets :)

    1. Kohlrabi doesn't taste like much to me. Maybe like a turnip except without the flavor? A bit on the mild side. Good thing there were beets in here to help it out. And I can see how horseradish would be a welcome addition. Thanks OhayoBento :)

  4. This looks really healthy and as always, love the bright colours :)!

  5. Raw kohlrabi is good, og you can mash it, either alone or with potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots etc, and som butter, milk and sesoning.
    Or grate it raw and put it in salad.

    It is really high in vitamin C btw :)

  6. Oh, that's good to know! I like to eat raw shredded beets too, like in a slaw with vinegar. Maybe I should add shredded kohlrabi too next time. Thanks amaineko!

  7. kohlrabi always makes me break out in song. Like Volare oh oh, only Kolhrabi oh oh

  8. Kohlrabi is very common here in norway, especially mashed (like the comment from Mille)and is often served with steak or rib or maybe even meatballs. (and especially a typical norwegian speciality called pinnekjøtt, which directly translated is meat on a stick, but totally different from the american "meat on a stick" version)

    I love your blog btw :)

  9. How interesting; thanks for the kohlrabi info! And thanks for your interest, Fat Mango!