Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Starry Penne with Meat Sauce Bento

MisterMan gets carrot penne with meat sauce topped with fresh grated parmesan and stars. The top tier has an assortment of strawberries, white peaches, steamed Okinawan sweet potato sticks, and homegrown arugula salad with shaved Iberico and walnuts. So excited that my arugula is growing so vigorously; I love this peppery green! I'm going to try to make fans of my kids as well, by the end of the summer. That's my goal. ^__^


  1. your carrot penne looks good :)
    I should try to cook penne too someday

  2. I love your blog! Would you mind sharing what container you are using? Thanks - Sandy

    1. Sandy,
      I picked up this apple shaped bento box in an Asian housewares store on Clement Street in SF, I think... it was a long time ago, and there isn't a brand name on it so I can redirect you. Sorry! It's a cool box, but there are other similar ones you can find at bentoandco.com, and jlist.com. Hope this helps.
      And thanks a lot for reading!!