Monday, January 9, 2012

First Bento of the Year!

First Bento of the Year! by sherimiya ♥
First Bento of the Year!, a photo by sherimiya ♥ on Flickr.
Hellooooo out there! I haven't posted a bento for, um, it seems like forever. We had a school break over the Christmas and New Year holidays, and I didn't make a bento the whole time. Didn't even think about bento. I was afraid I'd forgotten how to make one again. But here I am, 3 weeks after the last one. It might look a bit messy and thrown-together, but it qualifies! I found a beautiful wild salmon filet so decided to roast it with a splash of olive oil, garlic powder and dried herb mix. And since the oven was on, of course I also threw in some halved brussels sprouts and sliced kabocha. While everything roasted away, I got the brilliant idea to try slicing the kabocha thin into chips. Could I get the kids to crave them if I called them kabocha chips? And would they get crispy? Wait til the end of the post to find out! I placed everything into some green leaf lettuce, and tucked in a red radish and some Okinawan sweet potatoes for color, and used the (included) stainless steel cup for cottage cheese with blackberries, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. There are also a few raw carrots in there. The cup comes with a tight-fitting plastic lid to ensure the contents stay put, which is very convenient. Oh, and about the chips? Although they didn't crisp up completely, I played them up, made lip-smacking yummy sounds, and sure enough they clamored for "More chips! Kabocha chips!" Success. Muahaha!


  1. Happy New Year! Great saleswoman skills with those kabocha chips (though I must say, I was sold from the start ^_^).

  2. Happy New Years!~ :D

    I haven't been able to make a bento since the day I was done with finals, so hopefully when I start again, it'll look half as good as this one! (^ - <)

    Just the idea of kabocha chips sounds delish~ =3

  3. Stunning bento box! The colors are amazing :)

  4. happy new year, Sheri...
    what a great idea of kabocha chips...:D

  5. Thanks a lot Megg, Rini, marla and Yenny ! :D

  6. that is a cute bento


  7. Happy New Year once again Sheri!
    Beautiful first bento for 2012 and already come with brilliant idea for this bento! Love the kids picture, so much love there <3 Please say hi to both of your little angels (^.^)

  8. Thanks Aarthi!
    Lia, Happy New Year to you! It's so so hard to go back to the school routine after a sweet 2 week break. Really looking forward to summer vacation already :D
    Will tell them their Auntie Lia sends warm hugs!

  9. Love the sweet picture of your children!

  10. You're so sneaky! Lol! I'm excited to start seeing your bentos again. I'm glad you guys had a great holiday, I loved seeing your pics on Twitter. Here's to an even better year this time around!

  11. Glad to see you back - lovely bento! ^^

  12. OOOH, kabocha chips! You are so creative!! I would have asked for more, for sure ;)
    Happy New Obento Year Sheri dear! And you started it with such colorful lovely bento! Cute purple sweet potato car and delish salmon... yum!
    And the kids picture... omigosh, TS is getting so big!! Still so cute! Big hug to Mr man! He is the dude ^_^

  13. Thanks Heather! I'm hoping!
    Thanks a lot AikoVenus!
    Thanks sweet Lily... yes the kids keep getting bigger and bigger... I have to remember to savor each moment before it's gone...!

  14. Ah I wouldn't worry about having a bento holiday, I had one too ;-) I just bought the Eco lunchbox and am very excited to try it out this year! I almost thought you made a parfait in the little side dish! Cheese never looked so tasty! Yum yum!
    Here's to a new year of fun, creativity and love from a box.
    xx Neko Mama