Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pretty Quinoa Salad Bento Bowls

This is the third meatless bento so far this week. Wow! I didn't plan for us to go meatless this long but decided we could try it and see how it felt. So far I haven't heard any complaints at all. Today's bento was inspired by a recipe I saw over the Christmas break which looked like bibimbap to me, or a kind of somen salad. It's actually a red quinoa salad, topped with wilted spinach, parboiled carrots, edamame, cucumber strips, wakame and fried egg. I packed along a little cup of vinaigrette dressing for them to pour over right before they eat. The top tiers contain fruit: oranges, strawberry, blackberries and cherries. I'm showing both kids' bento because they're so pretty. Fresh and colorful, almost like a warm weather cold salad. I really will start making more hearty bento meals, but the weather has been so mild and warm lately that I just haven't thought of it. They haven't even been wearing jackets when I pick them up. How's winter where you are?


  1. very nice bento


  2. My favorite bit (of course) is that this is vegetarian - plus all of your beautiful colors and healthy bits in the bento. Each time I look at the bottom one I keep thinking that its bibimbap, though. ^^ I hope that you guys had a great winter break!

  3. Almost think that is bibimbab hehehe ... I don't think your kids will ever complain about this bento Sheri. Too healthy and too yummy! Lucky we don't have winter here, just can't stand the cold weather (^.^)

  4. Thanks Aarthi!

    AikoVenus, I'm discovering that vegetarian meals can be just as satisfying as meaty ones. I'm also so used to the mindset that growing kids need meat. I try to make sure they have a substantial protein source, and so far the fish, grains and beans have been doing the trick. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Lia! Yes, you are so fortunate with your tropical climate. When I left Hawaii, it was 81F / 68F, just like it is all year long. Can only tell it's winter because it drops a few degrees at night. Miss it!

  6. Always love your bright colorful bento, Sheri...
    We are struggling with heavy rain right now. It has been raining all day since new year! whew...:) I need to cook something warm more often :b

  7. We have winter! (Ahaha, I had to come to brag about our never ending cold, dark winter. anyone want too?)
    But, a bowl of this quinoa salad would definitely takes me to a sunny day at the balcony with the kids screaming loud outside playing at the sandbox ^^!
    Delicious looking... I love the colors!

  8. Thanks Yenny! I bet our dry weather this winter means a wet spring is coming..

    Karaimame, yes you should brag about your beautiful white wonderland that he rest of us only see in pictures. Your lucky girls cn go skating and tobogganing! Thank you dear for your ever sweet encouraging comments!