Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Butteryaki Salmon Bento

Butteryaki Salmon Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
I'm pretty happy with this omega-3-packed bento for MisterMan: it includes butteryaki salmon, mini red kabocha and little Okinawan purple potatoes lightly steamed and then fried in the same pan.

To make my butteryaki salmon:

Heat oiled pan, sear salmon on both sides. 
Add a T butter and melt, turn off heat, drizzle shoyu over salmon and into hot pan briefly. 
Remove salmon and serve. 

Yummy! There's also mixed rice (black, white, black quinoa, cracked wheat and bulgur) onigiri with cherry tomato, steamed broccoli, romanesco and yellow cauliflower, and tiny purple carrot flower shapes. Fruit section has alternating blood and cara cara orange wedges, along with two cherries in the last corner. I'm so happy to have more colors and fresh produce for bento now that spring is coming / here. Do you feel the same way?
In case you were wondering what my mini red kabocha squashes look like, here's a photo. There's a Cutie next to it for scale. Isn't it cute? ^_^


  1. The mini kabocha is so cute. I find that smaller ones often tastes better than their big brothers. Same case here?

    This lunch looks delicious and colourful as well.

  2. Oh butteryaki salmon :9, delicious!
    I have a little question about mixing the quinoa to the rice, do you pre-soak it or put straight? My normal quinoa needs washing in hot water (wonder why?) so it feels difficult to add it to the rice cooker. :/
    Aw, so cute little kabocha! I need to move from this apartment and go to a place with a huge garden... so maybe I can accept your offer for the seeds ^_^

  3. I love how colourful this bento is! The panda food pick is so cute too : )

  4. I'm so happy spring is almost here! The colors are wonderful, I love the mixture of oranges. Your salmon sounds really good!

  5. Did you color the cauliflower yourself? Or did you buy those? :) I would LOVE yellow cauliflower :)

  6. Sheri you are most adventurous when it comes to rice!! And most of your "adventures" are beautiful!!!

  7. The colors in this bento are just beautiful! I, too, am excited about warmer weather. I've yet to try mixed rice in my bentos, but yours looks so tasty!

  8. Really splendid! Love everything about this beautiful bento. Still in snowy winter here, can't wait for spring colors and produce to arrive!

  9. Hi Sheri, nice to come back to see all your healthy and yummy bentos again. Beautiful and colorful bento, as always! :)

  10. Love the colours of the bento, so beautiful!!

  11. Beautiful arrangement and the colors are amazing! What a gorgeous bento!

  12. Ingrid, I haven't noticed a difference in the taste too much, but the little ones are so much easier to cut. Love 'em!
    karaimame, I never knew you had to use hot water to wash quinoa; I don't. Oops! Just wash it all together. I have a garden but still don't feel I have enough room to really grow a big squash vine either. But I'll try to dry some seeds!
    Comtesse du Cupcakes, thank you!
    OhayoBento, I like the mix of oranges too. The sweet to balance out the tart. Thanks!
    Uniflame, the yellow cauliflower is naturally grown that way. Hopefully you'll see it locally soon. Thanks :)
    Thanks very much Xelia!
    Thanks Jessica!
    Thanks Bentobird!
    Thanks Emily :)
    Thanks KidsDreamWork!
    Thanks a lot Susan!

  13. TFS ... mini red kabocha sure is cute. Can't wait to do grocery tomorrow ...

  14. Butteryaki Salmon is really delicious!! Thanks so much for sharing!