Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bacon Rollups Bento

Bacon Rollups Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
TinySprite's bento is a bit smaller than usual. Since school has restarted after the holiday break, she's been very excited to chat and play with her friends. Unfortunately this leaves little time to actually eat her lunch. Yesterday she had to bring almost the entire thing home to finish. Sigh. Normally this would not be a problem, but she has only a limited time to nap before we have to get her up in time to pick up her brother after school. When I woke her up she complained groggily "I want to sleep some MORE!" So today I've packed a smaller bento in hopes she finishes the whole thing, and then we can have a quick snack at home if she's still hungry. She gets bacon, mozzarella and peapods rolled up in corn tortillas. After frying the bacon, I tossed in some kabocha wedges to fry up in the drippings. Smelled good! In the remainder of the spaces I added a half clementine, carved carrot sticks and a bunch of cherries. Fingers crossed it goes down quick!


  1. hehehe..I have that situation with my twins too.
    since now they are having morning class
    The bacon rolled-up looks lovely

  2. Hope TS will finish this yummy bento! She still a lot of things to catch up with her classmates after holiday. Be patient mom hehehe ;)

  3. This looks so yummy. Especially the cherries. We only have them in the summer here. I can't wait till it is summer again!

  4. That's some clever strategising, though it amazes me that she'd choose friends and playing over the delicious lunches you always seem to serve her.

  5. So delightful! Tasty flavors and interesting contrasts in this lovely little bento and I'm always a fan of that Giotto-esque starry background :)

  6. Thanks Yenny, Lia, Uniflame, Oscar Devonian and Bentobird!
    I think the smaller bento did the trick :)