Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowman Bao Bento

Snowman Bao Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
No-cook Christmas bento for MisterMan today. We got home late after TinySprite's debut Nutcracker ballet performance so there was no cooking to be done. They were so excited and wound up by the whole affair that they could barely get to sleep. Today started very grumpily, as a result. Let's hope the snowman lifts some spirits! It's a steamed char siu bao, which I thought was appropriate for a snowman, and all I had to do was add nori facial details, radish cheeks, a carrot nose (yes, I did cut a slot for it and stuck it in his face), and a crusty bread pipe. He's got a cucumber hat and even some broccoli earmuffs. Hello Frosty! There's also pork chow mein, some grapes and a satsuma mandarin. Whew! I'll have to get back into the routine again. Tomorrow. ^_^


  1. Aww aww!! sooo cute!!! love the snow man, and I love the way you cut the hat, it's very neat ^_^ great bento!!!

  2. Forgot to mention TinySprite looks super adorable on the picture ....

  3. Hohoho ... Frosty the Snowman so cute! You are a great Bao Queen hehehe :D your bao creations are all awesome! Thanks for sharing TS's great moment picture with us. And welcome back to the routines again :)

  4. I love how you cut Frosty's hat. And broccoli earmuffs! Genius I tellya!

    Thanks for sharing TS's debut with us.

  5. Thanks Lina! You're sweet, but this one is really no-effort bento. Haha! And thanks for TS; she almost made me believe she was a fairy... :)

    Hi Lia, no not Bao Queen, but maybe due to sheer number of bao bento I get the title by default! Thanks for peeking :)

    Thanks Debra! I didn't plan the earmuffs -- they were accidental. Haha! Thanks for sharing my happiness with TS !

  6. So very cute, Sheri!

    My oldest son was horrified a few years ago when he realized Frosty had a pipe and SMOKED! It was such a scandal for him. LOL :)

  7. Melissa, me too!
    So sad.
    Maybe it was just a prop and he never lit up?
    Let's hope.

  8. Accidental broccoli earmuffs, well, they completely "made" the bento for me! Great idea on making the hat - and in a matching color too, no less.

  9. What a fantastic snowman! The earmuffs are my favorite part, but the entire ensemble is great :D

    Tiny Sprite is so beautiful and she looks so happy!

  10. So cute snowman! I loved the idea :). Earmuffs and all.. just wow!
    And congrats to TS! She looks so happy and proud! She surely is, the kids did very nicely!! Amazing for such young age! i went ows and aws ^_^

  11. Wonderful! I was all bent out of shape trying to figure out how to make a corn cob pipe for a bento snowman. I am glad you figured it out. :) Tiny Sprite is soooo darling. I love the pics from her performance. :)

  12. Thanks Stretching My Imagination. I wish I could say the accessories were deliberately coordinated. That would be so stylish!

    Thanks a lot Natakiya!

    You're always so sweetly supportive karaimame...thank you so much!!

    Thanks Sonoma Bento! Whole Wheat Pipe, anyway! Thank you for peeping at her lil' performance :)