Monday, July 19, 2010

Ravioli Buddy Bento

Ravioli Buddy Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Green striped ravioli? Had to make something out of that, but what? I used a halved quail egg and nori dots for eyes and a red capsicum for tongue, and was hoping it would look like a toothy crocodile. But TinySprite said "Frog!" so... you decide. I squeezed in some carrot flowers and would have added fluffy broccoli on top of his head, but I was out of that veggie. Fruit section has sugar plum quarters, a single strawberry cherry, lychee and black grapes. A quick and easy bento during what is turning out to be a non-cooking summer. ^^


  1. Very cute! Where the heck did you get green striped ravioli?

  2. Oops, forgot to mention -- Costco! They have lots of interestingly shaped and colored ravioli there, for some reason. And often it's organic / vegetarian. I've seen heart-shaped pasta, candy cane striped, and tiger striped.
    Thanks Rosabella!

  3. Haha! This is so darn cute! Sorry little Sprite but I gotta side with your maman! It looks more like a croc to me.. Will show K tomorrow morning and get her opinion too. I LOVE zis one! Actually, I'm on your blog to study your sliders bento.. : )

  4. That made me smile! Now I'll have to hunt down ravioli or see if I can do something similar with peirogies (as I have some of those).

  5. So dang cute! I love the stripes... like a soccer playing croc! :)

    I bought some striped cheese...maybe I can borrow your idea!

  6. wow this is soooo cute! you are so creative, i really love your bento's. and your children are really cute, haha

  7. I love this one too! I thought frog, showed it to F who said alligator, then showed it to B who yelled "Monster!" and giggled.

  8. Thanks Chantale! Each vote helps :)
    I'll bet K calls it something totally different...

    Thanks Amy; peirogies are cool to work with too!

    Soccer...great idea! Looking forward to your striped bento. Thanks Debra :)

    Thanks a lot Micky Mizi Chen!!

    Thanks Shannon -- I think monster is a good all-purpose identifier; good job B!

  9. I think is a crocodile, and definitely a cute one! :D

  10. This is so great! The placement of everything, frog/croc, fruit, skewered cherry... fantastic!

  11. Thanks for the vote KidsDreamWork!

    Thanks so much Sonoma Bento!

  12. Hahaha ... your ravioli crocodile is super cute!! Can't wait to show it to my kids later. You are one amazing and talented bentoist :)

  13. Hehe, this looks so cute, like a little Dragon ^-^

  14. Hahaha, you always have fun ideas with ravioli! Super cute as usual!

  15. hello, I've just begun to search your blog and I think it's truly fantastic. =)
    just a few questions...

    when you're making facials for the food, how do you get the seaweed to take the precise/small shape of eyes, lips, etc. ?

    and also, where did you get those delightful heart/flower/animal toothpicks?

    and how do you go about making flower cut-outs for carrots?

    thank you!

  16. Thanks Lia! Not such a difficult one, but still I appreciate your kindness!

    Lil'chan, you're right, I think it does look like a dragon. Thanks!

    Thanks Pipaw!

    Hi Sarah,
    The tiny nori facial details are almost always cut using a paper / craft punch. You can find these in craft or stationary stores, or online. I can manage to cut the larger faces using a microtip scissors. As for the picks, I find them at Daiso, Ichiban Kan, or online at J-List or ebay. I cut these carrot flowers by hand using a small paring knife, but you can just as easily use a metal vegetable cutter from a specialty kitchen store like Sur La Table. Hope this helps.
    Thanks a lot for your visit!