Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snowman Onigiri Christmas Bento

This is TinySprite's version of the comfort chicken and rice I made yesterday. I always pull her meat off the bone to save her lunchmates the sight of messy carnage. Plus, I can get more meat in the bento this way. In one section there's chicken and broccoli; in the next a little two-ball onigiri snowman with nori detail and a steamed Okinawan sweet potato hat, some carrots; and finally a baby satsuma and a few blackberries. She also has a class snack party, so I don't expect her appetite to be all that big. I can tell my little girl is growing up when I look at her big brother's bento boxes and think: it may be time for her to use this one now. Yep, he has used this worn old three-sectioned box for years. It has kept all its pieces intact, and the latches, gasket and clear lid are all in great shape. What a workhorse! Love this one.


  1. Adorable lunch!! Yes, I too remember this super box of Misterman's, and you're still filling it with endless healthy inspiration for me! That's the most wonderful thing, thank you so much Sheri!

  2. So funny ! with the smiley !! the snowman is adorable ! a very good inpiration for me too !!..see you soon !

  3. Oh squee! I love this cute snowman! Chicken and rice, you can't go wrong there!