Monday, December 3, 2012

Grilled Furikake Chicken LunchBots Quad Bento

I felt like using the cute LunchBot Quad today because the divided sections are so handy it almost fills itself. I simply grilled some chicken, sliced into bite-size pieces, lay them in one section side by side, and sprinkled with sodium-free, MSG-free furikake. Next, I cut some garlic-roasted baby asparagus for the next section, and added a couple of grape tomatoes and a flower-shaped steamed Okinawan sweet potato. A third section got tiny silicone cups of homemade sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers (and a carrot), and in the last section I squeezed some watermelon cubes and a peeled satsuma mandarin. See what I mean? You've seen all these components in my bento before; some of them happen to be stocked regularly in my fridge for an easy go-to. TinySprite's kindergarten appetite is fairly small, so a few items of each food group will just about fill her up. The Quad is ideal for this purpose; love it!


  1. Your bentos are always so colourful and appetizing!

  2. I love the way the containers within the bento match the colour of the veggies in them!

  3. Pretty! And Oooooh, I am jealous you can get MSG free furikake! Girls love it but I am always so worried about how much artificial colours, salt and msg it contains... I should make furikake myself, but the ready ones are so appealing!

    1. Oh, yeah, it's probably easy to make your own... especially since the MSG and sodium free version is kind of.. bland.. but it adds a nice look to plain chicken and rice! Thank you karaimame :)