Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sticky Rice and Red Fruit Bento

Today's bento is one of my (and my kids') favorites. Sticky rice is fun to make because you don't have to stick to traditional ingredients -- well anyway, I don't. Here is my basic recipe. Today I mixed brown and white glutinous rice along with brown and white regular rice. I cooked it in pure chicken broth, and towards the end of the cooking cycle I tossed in sliced lup cheong (Chinese sausage), sliced shiitake mushrooms, chopped squash and baby bok choy. All the flavors meshed together very well in this batch. I presoaked the rice for a few hours, which is essential if you are using brown glutinous rice. Super tasty, and nice colors too. The other side turned out to be an all-red fruit section, with strawberry, grapes, blood oranges and radish. Oh, and there's a yellow carrot in there for contrast.
My fellow bento enthusiasts have come together to establish a Bento4Japan eBay auction theme. There are books, bento boxes, goodie packages and more listed there, and all the proceeds will go towards the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. So you can satisfy your bento shopping while helping a good cause at the same time. Please take a look: simply use the search term "Bento4Japan" here!


  1. like the sticky rice, especially with lup cheong :D

  2. I have never made sticky rice but I am going to give it a go since you make it sound so easy.

    The Bento4Japan idea is amazing - will there be more products on later? Good luck with it and I hope you raise lots of cash! :)

  3. Super delicious Sheri! Nice contrast between the left and the right side in the box. Hope many people will check on eBay auction - Bento4Japan and participate on the bid :)

  4. Sheri, I just saw your little package in Ebay ^^. Thumbs up for the selling be successful!
    Lovely bento... I should gather myself and offer some to the girls. Today morning they commented "mom doesn´t have time to do anything, mom just sits by the laptop and write to her friends" O_O.

  5. I'm so jealous of you blood orange! It looks delicious! #bento4Japan is going amazing!!! I'm so impressed! Love your package BTW ^_^

  6. Mm, we're big fans of sticky rice too but so lazy as we've omitted the soaking-a-few-hours bit a few too many times. lol. I love all the savoury flavours you have going here. So yummy.
    Good luck with the bento4japan auction!

  7. Marfio, there couldn't be anything easier than sticky rice, especially if you use your rice cooker. Really a true one-pot meal!
    As for the auction, there are new items being added daily so please check back! There are some great deals to be had (bento boxes for under $2!) Thanks for the support :)
    Thanks Lia! I hope so too. It looks promising so far!
    Karaimame, I'm glad to see you've made such lovely bento today, and spent time with your girls. When I don't "see" you I know you're with them and it's all good. Thanks for the support too!
    Heather, thank you! I can't believe you haven't seen blood oranges in FL yet. Pretty soon you'll see them in the "orange state" I bet! I know, I'm excited about the auctions too! It's great!
    Thanks Chantale! Thanks for your help with the graphics!! Love the badges!

  8. A question.. having fruits and warm rice next to each other will spoil the fruit easily.