Thursday, November 18, 2010

Salmon Bento and LunchBots Trio Review

Salmon Trio Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Since we have been on a kabocha kick, as well as a cooking-everything-in-the-same-manner kick, why stop now? Today I decided to grill! I had some nice pieces of fresh salmon so I used half to make shiozake (salted salmon -- more on that next time) and the other half to grill with just a bit of salt and pepper.
Today I'm introducing my new LunchBots Trio stainless steel box. It's a slightly different shape than the Uno and Duo, but like the Duo it has permanently mounted dividers attached to the box interior. [I've already reviewed the LunchBots Uno and Duo here, and if you missed it, well -- I love 'em.] This one, the Trio, is billed as a snack container, but as you can see from the photo, it seems actually bigger than the Uno and the sides are taller. You can fit quite a bit of food in here. I'm a fan of the divided box, so I knew I was going to like this one. It's not divided in half and fourths, like many other boxes. I think they are actually equal thirds. The lid fits snugly (though not leakproof), just as with the other LunchBots. For its inaugural use I lay some salmon pieces and a tiny mixed rice onigiri on a lettuce leaf in one section, and added a half radish carved into a mushroom shape. The next section had kabocha, which I briefly steamed and grilled along with the cherry tomatoes right next to the salmon. I also added a few cucumbers to fill in the gap. The last section holds sliced plum, grapes and raspberries. It's a nice arrangement style, and I give it two thumbs up!
My preschooler gets basically the same stuff. Last time I picked her up from school she hadn't finished, and the teacher said all the kids seemed distracted that day. Well, I was disappointed but we packed up her bento and when we got home she surprised me by asking to finish it before her nap. She devoured every piece of garnish and decorative lettuce as well. So when you see me line her box with lettuce, it's not just for effect! I really think she is more willing to eat (vegetables) when it's presented in her bento box. She also got a new cutlery set which helps too. Interestingly, when we go out to restaurants or eat at home on an ordinary plate, this leafy greens rule doesn't apply. Too bad!


  1. First off this bento looks so delish and colorful. Secondly I'm so jealous I can't wait to get my LunchBot. U R a luck duck to have 3.

  2. Thanks Marisa. Which one did you get? I can't decide which I like the best. Good thing they don't make too many or I'd end up with them ALL. Love 'em!

  3. I have the uno, duo and the big one with green lead but don't have this one yet.
    My boys love to eat the lettuce too, and I am so pleased with that.
    BTW, I see you pack salmon quite many times for your kids, they must love fish, my 2nd son prefer to eat salmon for dinner or only when it's warm.

  4. stumbled here via flickr... these bento boxes are SO cute and yummy looking - what lucky kids! i'm 26, but please consider adopting me ;) haha

  5. Oh that all stainless Lunchbot looks great! And the salmon bento looks awesome too :)

  6. Hi Lina,
    Yes, I like to make salmon at least once a week, although it doesn't always happen that often. They both like fish so it's convenient. Another way to make salmon is salted in onigiri. It's good at room temp and I'll post about that next. Thanks a lot!

    Hi Vanessa. Thanks so much for coming by and for your sweet comment! Appreciate it :D

  7. Thanks a lot Loree! The Lunchbots are a great bento product. I use mine a lot :)

  8. My kids love a raw salmon but their mommy isn't a fan of raw salmon plus no way to put raw salmon in their bento. Always love your cooked salmon version. Is great that both of MM and TS like fish, healthy food! Another double beautiful bento to enjoy (^.^)

  9. aaah, beautiful bentos as always, sheri
    and I love the box too :b Happy Friday

  10. oh~~~one more box I have to have >.< sigh.....
    I like the little mushroom in the first bento! kawaii

  11. Very cool bentobox! And I love the way you arranged the fruits! <3 So nice!

  12. I love salmon prepared that way. Simple and yet so tasty. :) I love the lunchbots box, very cool!

  13. Salmon is my favorite too!Your bento looks yum yum. Love the fruits, looks so juicy.

  14. Shiozake is my favorite way to prepare and eat salmon ... tho, here in Finland they use the fish in many other-packed-with-calories-ways ^_^. It is good too, but I still prefer the asian style :P.
    My oldest daughter always liked salmon, since she was a baby. It is a positive feature I think..
    Anyways... the lunchBot box is so gorgeous! Shiny and new!! Aw, perfect to accommodate your fabulous bentos!
    Needlessly to say I loved the mushroom radish ^_^.

  15. Captivated by the sweet mushroom detail and the jazzy feel of this bento! Healthy, harmonious, and so happy!! Wishing you all an awesome weekend :D

  16. I'd love to hear more about how you prepare salmon & also for lunch/bento -- I'm not sure my son would eat it for lunch?? Although he eats it for dinner :)

    I might have to add one of those new stainless Lunchbots to our collection -- we have at least one of each size! I'm also eyeing the new stainless leak proof containers :)

  17. Lia, we never have raw salmon, even in restaurants. But I love cooked salmon SO much. So happy the kids do too, so I can make it regularly :) Thanks!
    Thanks Yenny!
    Tiffany, I really like this one. You could probably underfill it for a smaller appetite, and it would be okay. It has a nice classic look to it :) Thanks!
    Thanks Token!
    Thanks Susan!
    Thanks Sysyl!
    karaimame, ME TOO. I really, really love shiozake, ever since forever. The salt goes really well with the salmon flavor and I like the texture of the flakes on rice. Really it's the best combo. I agree that a child who loves salmon has a lucky quality :D Thank you!
    Thank you bentobird!
    Loree, I have made salmon in many different ways. Some kids prefer it warm, but my kids like it room temp as well. I usually make it "plain", without lots of heavy sauce because I don't really like it that way. So mainly grilled with lemon and garlic, with shoyu, with misoyaki, or with furikake. Salted salmon is very good in onigiri too; he might like to eat it that way.
    I like the leakproof containers too! This company has lots of good products.

  18. ooh, the trio looks like a great box, and that tasty-looking salmon seems like a perfect inaugural filler! pretty alternating plum slices, and ADORABLE mini mushroom!!

  19. Oh wow. What did I miss in 2 weeks time? Plenty. lol! Great review on the Lunchbots! I really love them minus the leakproof aspect. I love your latest food presentations, especially the sliced wedged fruits (looks like zig zag). I can see why your kids will finish off what they didn't eat at school. Everything looks so yummy! That mushroom is soo retro cute. How'd you do that?

  20. Thanks megan! I LOVE this box!! I think most anything would look cute in it :D
    Hi Chantale,
    Thanks a lot! I got the idea for the mushroom from Anna The Red. All you need is a small paring knife and a little practice to slice off the red in circular patches :o)


    Here's Anna the Red's radish mushroom tutorial on flickr.

  22. I just got this box too and love it! :) It really is roomy.

    I like how you packed so many colors into yours. It looks wonderful!