Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mochiko Chicken and Crispy Kale Bento

Mochiko chicken is normally deep-fried, but I've made it using a recipe adapted from hapabento. It's baked instead, and although you don't get the same fried effect, it's still pretty good!

Marinate 1lb chicken (cut into bite-size pieces) a few hours in:
Equal amounts (4T): shoyu, flour, cornstarch, mochiko flour, sugar.
1 egg, one minced garlic clove, finely chopped green onion (white part)

Add chicken pieces to hot, oiled pan at 400F.
Bake until cooked, and broil if necessary to get a crispy crust.

Along with some mochiko chicken I added steamed purple cauliflower and raw carrots. The flower is made of satsumaimo and purple potato. The fruits are kept separate with a lettuce baran, and there are some good summer fruits now! White peach, golden apricot, and look at the little plum! I forgot the variety, but it's dark red inside and out, and sweet-tart. Love 'em. I also made crispy kale using a recipe from Steamy Kitchen. Basically all you do is wash and thoroughly dry your fresh kale, tear into bite-size pieces, toss in olive oil (and garlic powder if desired) and bake at 350F until crispy. Toss a few times while cooking to make sure it's crispy all around. It's prettier if you crisp until just before the leaves start burning, but I'll tell you that the brown bits are crunchy and very fun to chomp. You can seriously eat a whole bunch of kale in minutes this way. Even your kids will like it, no lie!


  1. Yummy mochiko chicken bento and I have to try that kale recipe too. :D Love that purple cauliflower.

  2. Oh... I need to make mochiko chicken again. It's been a long while and yours looks scrumptious! The kale looks yummy thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. Your mochiko chicken looks so yummy. I think your baked one is healthier than the fried one :D

  4. this one is SO colorful and nutricious! i love how everything seems to be radiating out from a central point (the two-tone flower), what a pretty way of arranging the fruit slices. just a little bit of lettuce (and of course the stainless cup) to keep the sweet and savory flavors separate, but looks so organic instead of rigidly compartmentalized!

  5. Lovely bento! I made crispy kale on new years day after I saw Jaden do it that way on Steamy Kitchen. (she lives in my town). I never thought to use it in a bento, actually it didn't last too long we ate it all. We liked the crispy brown parts too. Does it stay crunchy in the bento?

  6. I agree, this is so lovely! And a recipe that makes superfood kale into a yummy treat--excellent! A must-try :D

  7. Yuumy, crispy kale sounds delicious!

  8. Debra, you really must! Love me my mochiko chicken, heh :)
    tatabonita, yep, healthier so we can eat more with less guilt :D
    Thanks for the lovely comments megan! I am happy with the way it turned out, and I guess my boy was too, since it came back empty, yay!
    Thanks Lyndsey! Lucky you! She seems so approachable and funny. Nah, it doesn't stay crispy in bento. I asked my boy and he said it was soft, but the sweetie ate it up just the same :)
    Thank you bentobird! A healthy treat too! The best kind :)
    Thanks Jenn! Hope you can try it!

  9. Is it Tablespoons or teaspoons?

    1. Tablespoons. You can use more if you have more meat, keeping ratios the same.