Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hawaii Bento

Hawaii Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
We're baaa-aack! Spent the last two weeks on Oahu visiting family and not making bento. Well, I did make one. I used my "heirloom" aluminum bento box that belonged to my grandmother. It's quite small, with a permanent divider and a lovely oval shape, and a tight-fitting domed lid (including a rubber gasket) with double latches on each end. It's very cool and unique.
This bento contains homemade fried rice with egg, kamaboko, green onions and ham. There's also a piece of steamed corn and Okinawan purple potato in the main compartment. In the small section I stuffed the Awesomely Unbelievably Delicious Hilo Lychees, which you will be familiar with if you follow me on twitter.
I have been totally obsessed with these fruit during my whole vacation, which happened to coincide perfectly with the height of Hilo lychee season. The reason this variety of lychee is so superior to all others is because of its generous size, large quantity of juicy sweet flesh, nice easy-peel skin, and teeny-tiny seed. It really is the most luscious thing you will eat all summer. If you get a chance, you really must try it. Don't let the high price deter you. It's totally worth it. Okay! Let's move on.

For color contrast I tossed in a few boiled peanuts, which -unpeeled- are great for keeping kids busy for an hour or so on a hot afternoon. And I forgot to bring any cute accessories, but my mom did have some picks, so I added the leaf pick for fun. There! I worked my bento chops. A little.


  1. Glad to see you back in action! :D Wow, that is one gorgeous box and in such fantastic shape too! We had huge lychee and mango trees in our yard when I was growing up and never had to go far to get them. Now living on Oahu, I have to actually buy them. Ahh the things you take for granted. :)

  2. I'm envious of this heirloom bento box. But even more so of your trip home and those lychees! Eeek! Welcome back.

    PS. Like Susan, I used get free lychees too, but not anymore. :)

  3. Hi Susan and Debra!
    Me too! Didn't have our own tree but neighbors and grandma did. Even better that way, since mango trees make so much rubbish. Really wish I could get my mom to grow it! Remember mountain apple?

  4. Welcome back! The last time I had lychees I was about 6 years old. It was a memorable experience for my Dad and me and we vowed never to eat them again! Maybe it's time for me to try them again now my taste buds have matured! The ones I tried were out of a tin too! :o)

  5. My dad sent me a box of mountain apples and I busted that box open right at the cargo office and ate one. It was like my childhood in Hilo flashing before my eyes...

    AND THEY'RE ALL GONE!! They all fell down... SOB!!

  6. i L-O-V-E lychee! they're my fave! I remember going to a steakhouse to order a lychee martini, and i told the guy "less alcohol, more lychee juice and one more lychee please" and then I remember drinking lychee sake, it was yum, but was too strong for me. So i went to the japanese store to pick up the same lychee sake, and while I was there, I picked up lychee Calpico drink. Went home, and mix them myself! YUM-O!

  7. Glad you're back! Lunch looks delicious! The pictures of the lychee make them look so good

  8. Asfora,
    You can't eat canned lychee. You just can't. I mean, you can, but you really can't compare to fresh! I guarantee you will change your mind after you try fresh. Even my 3yo peels her own and leans over the rubbish can to spit out the seed, with juice running down her chin. Super good!

    Don't. Rub. In!! Gah!! What happened to them all anyway? I vividly remember eating them in my Ewa Beach childhood too.

    Haha! Yes, lychee cocktails are a fine summer drink :)

    Hi Jenn! Missed you and all my bento pals. Thanks a lot; hope your summer is going great!

  9. Yes, rub it in. lol. That bento box from your grammie is still in great shape! So cute. I think the photography on this one is Ace! Seriously, really crisp. Lychee is soooo yummy! I love it super cold (don't ask me why). Corn and rice, perfect combo!

  10. What a lovely bento! And how cool is that to use a vintage one from your grandma! When I lived in Hawaii we had a lychee tree right out front and I would grab a handful as I was walking out the door on my way to work. Now I think I can find some in Ft Myers about an hour drive! I'm glad your back safe and sound!

  11. Thanks Chantale! It's a point and shoot, since I didn't take my big camera with me. Figures. Me too I love it supercold! Pineapple too.

    Thanks Lyndsey! Everytime I come back here I wish I had eaten more when I had the chance. You're so sweet. ^_^

  12. You are back! Miss your post :)
    That bento box reminds me of one of mine when I was a kid! And the lychee definitely looks tempting!!

  13. Welcome back! So nice to see a new lovely bento from you :) How cool is this heirloom box...really touching and beautiful to see the bento tradition continuing in this elegant, family-historic container. Loved reading about the special lychees, glad you we there to enjoy them at their peak, yum!!

  14. Glad you had some fun family time, Sheri! This bento box is so lovely, I like the clean lines. Now I have to hunt down some fresh lychee fruit, one of the few things that may be hard to find in Sonoma County. ;-)

  15. KidsDreamWork: Yes, I'm back. And will be making bento for part of the summer too! Do you get lychee? I love it.

    Hi Jenn! Missed you. Thanks for the kind welcome! Hope your summer is going well :D

    Thanks Sonoma Bento! If you find some juicy ones up there, do let me know!! It's worth the trek!

  16. wonderfully yummy vacation box! you gotta stop raving about those hilo lychees, i'm too jealous, haha! the fried rice here is also making me hungry. aaaand i love boiled peanuts! my boyfriend's mom eats them that way, so tasty.

  17. Hi megan! Good to see you again!
    I cannot stop, as I am a person obsessed.
    Sadly, the season is only a small part of early summer, wah!