Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Totoro Char Siu Bao Bento!

Totoro! I was thinking about him this past week because we happened to find the My Neighbor Totoro picture book in the library. It's a little jarring to read the story and descriptives since watching the film is more of a stream of flowing imagery washing over your senses. But it is fun to look closely at the detailed illustrations. In the scene where the sisters are eating cucumbers fresh from the garden, you can see the chewed-up bits of vegetable in Mei's open mouth while she's talking about bringing corn to her mother. Anyway, here is my tribute to everyone's favorite "cross between a bear and a raccoon and an owl." Have a magical adventure today!

Also in the ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle: grapes, cucumbers, carrots, strawberry, lettuce. Details made from fishcake, nori, soba.


  1. I was scrolling through your blog and this one caught my eye, I knew it was Totoro!!! The city I live in has a movie theater that has midnight showings of old movies and they had a showing of My Neighbor Totoro not too long ago. I had never seen the movie before, but I decided to go and loved the movie. It is such a cute inspiration for a bento box, your ideas are so cute and well done!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the movie, Amy - it's one of our favorites too. Thank you for your kind comment!