Thursday, September 17, 2015

Salmon Salad LunchBots Bento

I made salted salmon (shiozake) to serve over baby lettuce greens in a simple salad for my kids' bento today. Since we still have fresh corn, I added fresh cooked corn off the cob as well. The salmon has flavor enough to make this small portion quite tasty. And since she loves them, I also pan fried some potato wedges and sprinkled with furikake in the next section. In the last section of our well-used LunchBots Trio I placed sliced elephant heart pluots (I think this may be our last batch of the season. So sad! I love these sweet dark red fruit very much) and carrots to round out the bento. The lid stays on well enough to keep everything separate for them come lunchtime. Perfect!


  1. Love all the summery, flavorful goodness in this lunch!

  2. Those picks made me laugh. And I think it just might have to be a Salmon Sunday. Nice Bento from one of the best!

  3. Your kids eat like kings! these bento boxes all look great!