Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shoyu Chicken Furikake Rice Sistema Bento

The dual compartment leakproof Sistema click box makes this ordinary bento stand out: with TinySprite's favorite shoyu chicken and furikake rice (with broccoli and tomatoes) on one side, and pickled cukes + red onions, strawberry and grapes on the other. Don't let the compact nature of this box fool you; it actually holds 630ml. If I were in the habit of taking bento with me, I think I would love to tote this one around. In addition to providing a bit of separation, it also allows visual appreciation through the translucent top and sides. Cute, right? If they ever come out with a 3- or 4-compartment box, you know I'll be all over it too. ^__^


  1. I love it! This is my kind of bento :) Yum!!!!! Plus, I'm still jealous of those red onion pickles ^_^

    1. You should totally make them; you would love them!
      Thanks OhayoBento :)

  2. Very cute bento and wonderfully functional box. Fruit plus cute picks equals instant smile! ^^