Monday, January 14, 2013

Mabo Tofu Balloon Bears LunchBots Bento

Today the kids get ma bo tofu (see the basic recipe and method I use here), but I added in chopped baby bok choy just because I'm green like that. I sometimes add in pickled mustard greens too, just because I like the sour taste! But I omitted that this time. This batch includes scallions but excludes the spicy bean paste (TS won't abide it) and is layered over white/brown rice in my LunchBots Duo. The built-in divider keeps the mabo sauce separate from the rest of the goodies: black- and blueberries, a very-not-sweet plum, some carrots and a little Okinawan sweet potato star. I reserved some tofu to cut out little bear shapes with nori faces, and gave them a grape tomato balloon to play with. Aww so cute!


  1. Oh so so so cute!! I love the teddies with their balloon :D

  2. Really cute tedys :-) Great inspiration :-)

  3. the fruit looks delicious, makes me very sad I didn't have time to pack my bento this morning!

  4. I LOVE the way you divided the lunchbots duo with the 3 cups. I rarely use the duo because I find each side either too small or two big -- but never thought to divide it up the way you did. It looks so lovely! I did my daughter's sides that way today :)

    1. Yes, I love these flexible cups for just this reason. So practical. Glad it was useful to you too!