Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wonton Field Trip Bento

Field Trip Wonton Bento by sherimiya ♥
Field Trip Wonton Bento, a photo by sherimiya ♥ on Flickr.
MisterMan had a field trip today (they went swimming!), so I made wontons, which are fabulous for field trips for several reasons. They pack up easily, they are perfect finger food, and they taste great at room temp. If your kids prefer dipping sauce, you could send some along in a sealed condiment cup, but my kids love to eat them as is. I packed as many as I could fit into my go-to disposable field trip snap-lock recycled strawberry container, which I first lined with wax paper and lettuce. There was also room for a piece of corn on the cob, a tiny red apple, carrots, a bunch of grapes (beneath) and a luscious red strawberry. I put a little penguin on the corn too, for fun. This Okinawan sweet potato turned a mottled tie-dye purple color; kind of interesting for a change. I find that the bigger ones are more variegated in color, maybe because it takes longer to cook them evenly all the way through? That's my guess. Still delicious though! I cook them every day because everyone loves them so much; we eat a lot!
TinySprite got a similar one too, but a little smaller in size. She has adjusted well to her new school, and appears to have to same lunchtime issue here too -- eating too er, slowly. She finished everything in this one except two carrots though, so I'm happy about that.
If you've voted for my bento at the Bento & Co FB site "Make a Bento For Someone You Love" Contest, thank you! I always appreciate your readership, your encouraging comments and insightful questions. It's what makes bento such a wonderfully unifying community activity. I'm so glad I started this blog almost two years ago -- just because of all the fantastic friendships and connections I've made here. So... thank you!
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  1. You got a very interesting purple sweet potatoes. The penguin looks so cool ^^

  2. I love the penguin! That's the first thing that caught my eye. Very cute.

  3. Ooh so pretty! Is that penguin ever cute.. I love your field trip bentos! They're always colourful, flavorful and beautiful. Meanwhile, my kiddo has her field trip tomorrow and all I'm giving her is 3 mini slider buns filled with old fashion chopped ham. haha! She says she loves it but.. compared to this? meh. ; )

  4. Thanks Diana!
    Chantale, that's a great idea! I love sliders. Really should try those one of these days...
    Hope she has a great time!

  5. How cute! I haven't had wontons for a while. My kids LOVE wontons. Lots of fruits and very nutritious lunch meal. ;-)

  6. Nami, Mine too! Thanks very much for the kind words :)