Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweet O'Potato Bento

Sweet O'Potato Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Tomorrow there's no school for MisterMan since they are having first quarter parent-teacher conferences. So instead, I'm posting a picture of the snack bento I made for TinySprite this afternoon. She ate this when she got up from her nap. We didn't get her brother right away because he had music class after school. On these days I give her a snack to tide her over until I start dinner. Even though it's just a snack, I still like to put as many nutritious foods (including vegetables) in there as I can.

Today I cut a slice of steamed sweet potato with a pumpkin cutter, and stamped a face using triangle and square cutters without pressing all the way through. I added a couple of salami and mozzarella cheese stick skewers (the rest of the cheese stick is behind the sweet potato), some cherry tomatoes, sliced peaches, a strawberry and a tiny crab apple. I filled in the gaps with blanched peapods. First thing she said when she took off the lid of (my new Cinnamoroll) box was "Scary!" But she picked up the jack o'lantern and ate it first! Are you surprised to learn that she ate everything in this box? I was! I didn't expect her to eat all the peapods, but she did. It's cool because soon I'll be sending along a bento box lunch to accompany her to preschool, and I'm hoping the cute presentation will encourage her to finish everything there, even with all the distractions of other kids (and possibly junk food). Stay tuned and we'll see...


  1. Cool idea for using the triangle and square shapes on your sweet O'Potato.
    Your are always so creative!

  2. Ack! Where has time gone? TS in pre-school?!

    How cute is that tiny little apple?

  3. Amazingly yummy as always and love how you made Jack :)

  4. You are just plain wizard! Love the Jack O'Lantern!

  5. Thanks Bobo!
    Debra, You're telling me! I'm trying to resist it but she keeps growing.
    Thanks Mommyof2girlz!
    Thanks Doc Rock!
    Thanks Yenny!
    You folks are awesome, as always! <3 <3 <3

  6. Love this Jack! I have the same box too, perfect for snack bento. Don't worry Sheri, I think she will clean up everything in the box when you prepare her one for preschool. And hope your super healthy and cute bento will influence other moms to do bento for their child too (^.^)

  7. Thanks Principessa!
    Thanks Lia. I'm so silly, I'll also miss her reaction when she opens up her bento :(

  8. So scarily nice! Am so happy for you that she ate all including the veg. I am far from achieving that with my little one. Btw I have the same HK spoon/fork there! :D

  9. Yeah! Another Jack!! =) and what is that small apple!!! OMG, so cute!!
    TS going to PS.. should do something about my girls too... *sigh*

  10. TS is growing up so fast! i'm not surprised she ate everything, who could resist such a cute, colorful, and yummy assortment? just the right amount of each: tangy sweet, salty, creamy, etc.

    clever use of cutters on the jack!

  11. Good luck keeping tiny sprite interested in her own food. It will be a challenge with all of the other foods around her. But I bet the other kids will be more tempted by her food. Love the Sweet O'Potato Bento title! Is it just me, or is everyone else cracking up whenever they see an O'Tomato or O'Sandwich bento?! Seriously, I can't stop giggling. :)

  12. your bento boxes are so cute! youre kids are lucky

  13. TS is awesome! She ate all of this?? Wow! Day in and day out Sheri, you come up with fab bentos!

  14. The pumpkin with shapes is so cute. My son would love it.

  15. So cute!!! He's a happy jack, who wouldn't want to eat him first?

  16. Xelia, she doesn't normally eat them all without some complaint, so I was surprised to see it. I love this spoon and fork set! The fork is pretty useless, but it's SO cute :)

    karaimame, I have been putting it off since summer. Now, it's October and past "semester's beginning", but oh well. Miss her already..

    thanks megan! They grow up TOO fast, sigh..

    Thanks Sonoma Bento; it's funny about the o'veggies, making the holiday seem Irish somehow!

    Thanks Angel!

    Thanks Chantale, you are always SO sweet! :D

    JDaniel4's Mom, you should try it! Easy and fun.

    Thanks Susan!